This blog is dedicated to the memory of Baggle, Chester and Aunt Azzie.
Great cats who we will meet again someday at the Rainbow Bridge

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What's This World Coming To?

Cats are getting squeezed out! I don’t think I like people government!

I don’t know too much about people government and I don’t really care about people politics. I really don’t. As long as they aren’t going to disband the SPCA, I don’t care. At least I used to not care. This year the people hired a new president and I’m worried.

My Aunt Azzie was really big on people politics. She used to watch them on the people-TV with her Mom. Aunt Azzie told me wonderful stories about President Clinton. He was one of the Dem Cats and the First Cat was named Socks. Then there was President Bush, she said everything he did was someplace else, nothing in America, so he wasn’t anyone important to an American cat.

The new president is President Barack, which just sounds a little bit too much like “bark” to me! And to make it worse, when he thanked everyone for hiring him, he said he was going to get his daughters a puppy. A puppy? A PUPPY? I KNEW it! His name IS too much like bark! They hired a dog-person!

To make matters worse, Mommy and Daddy were both very happy about it. They helped to hire a guy who likes DOGS!

Oh, it’s bad. Let me tell you!

Mommy and Daddy have that big people-TV, it’s not quite as big as our big screen cat-TV, but it’s big. It’s big enough that my friends Puff, Don’t Panic and Little Bear live on top of it. Well, it quit being a TV. Mommy and Daddy said it became a big blue radio.

They decided they didn’t want a big radio. Mommy needs to make a phone call to see if they can have someone make it a TV again. If they don’t make it a TV again, they’re going to get Papa to bring one of my Uncles to help take it away! Where will my friends live if they take away their home?

It’s not like President Bark will help a CAT’S friends!

And then last night, before Daddy got in, Mommy moved the metal box with the strings that is on the table next to the people-TV and put it on top of my blanket on the seat I watch TV on! It took up almost half the space!

Then, THEN, Daddy came home and instead of yelling at Mommy for doing that, he brought down another people-TV and used up the rest of my seat! He really did! Can you believe it??

To top it all off, this morning while I was TRYING to get a little space around that dumb old people-TV to peek at Cat-TV, Daddy finally did yell at Mommy. He told her not to open the screen on Cat-TV so much because the people-TV is in front of it.

I’m at a loss for words!

The people hire this dog-guy for their president and they start abusing cats. Their new president guy hasn’t even started working yet. He’s been hired, but he’s waiting over two months to start. It’s something about time to move to the city he has to work in, but the house isn’t finished yet. President Bark is moving into his house in Washington in January, after they paint it. I guess the PUPPY has to have a white house!

What’s this world coming to?

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Oh The Horror EVERY Year!

The best I can figure is Mommy and Daddy used to be in the army or something. They were undercover agents. They took out their old spy uniforms last night and went out on enemy soil! I watched them set up just outside the Cat TV screen with all of their ammunition! I guess they meant business when they decided that no giant ladybugs were coming out of the TV!

An old army picture I found of Mommy
and Daddy and one of their army pals

It’s a seasonal swarm as best as I can tell, Halloween is when they all dress up scary and swarm houses. Mommy and Daddy were sitting in front of the screen. I guess it got pretty bad because they didn’t even want me to watch!

When Daddy came home he said that the pumpkin face Mommy made would scare away evil spirits. So that’s what those scary guys that look like human kittens are! I swear they look like young people. But the pumpkin didn’t scare them away either. Daddy put a fire in it and everything and they still came, for TWO HOURS they came.

I scratched at the glass a couple of times, begging them to come out of the TV and just close the screen maybe move the big people TV in front of it. That seems like the only screen the spirits try to come in through. But they were so brave! They had to protect us.

It was bad this year. Mommy used up all her candy bombs and the swarm kept coming. They had to use the candy in the bowls, like little bombs or sprinkling firecrackers. When the swarm was all done, Mommy and Daddy came in, the ammunition was almost GONE! We couldn’t have taken another strike!

I’m glad the evil spirit swarm is only once a year.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Warm New Friend!

My new pal, R2D2!

I’ve been having some problems, until today. You see Mommy has a friend that sits with her when she types during the day. His name is R2D2. I don’t like him!

Well, anyway, I used to not like him! You see he is loud, I mean really loud to my sensitive kitty ears. I don’t like noise and he makes a lot of it. He hums and goes grr a little. Maybe it’s like purring really loud, like a tiger or something. Anyway, he’d be quiet, just sitting there with his lights glowing, like the computer, then without warning, he’d start growling! It scared me when he did that all of the sudden and I’d leave the room, quickly. I was NOT running away! Sissies like Baggle do that, but not me!

So, today, Mommy was working on scrapbook stuff on the computer and there was music on. I like music when its not too loud and Mommy usually listens to music at a nice volume. I found out today that I don’t like Ludacris. That’s who Mommy said was playing when I wasn’t purring while she was petting me. When the music changed, I started purring. She says that was Hawaiian pop music, a song called “Puanani.” That means pretty flower, so now I can type in THREE languages, Cat, Human and Hawaiian!

While the pretty flower was playing, R2D2 started his really loud purring. I guess he likes Hawaiian music too. His nasty purr didn’t hurt my ears so much because the music was nicer, so I didn’t leave.

While I was sitting on Mommy’s ... (Mommy says I shouldn’t say “boobs,” so I’ll just say I was sitting on Mommy.) While I was sitting on Mommy, I found out why R2D2 purrs so loud! He purrs like that when he’s making HEAT! How cool is that? He makes heat when he purrs and blows it on Mommy’s feet!

So, I spent a lot of this afternoon curled up by Mommy’s feet or trying to find a good place for a kitty afghan near R2D2.

A warm friend is a good friend for a cat to have!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Anniversary

Parents are so silly! My Mommy has a baby picture of me posted on her blog today! Yeesh!

I guess it’s a pretty big day. It’s my Anniversary! It’s 5 weeks after my birthday, the day I came home! Mommy and Daddy were asleep at the exact time, though. They kept telling me that at 1:30 in the morning it was three years. I remember that it was a Saturday though and no one had to work in the morning. Okay. I didn’t remember that. I looked at that link in Mommy’s blog.

I’m glad I lived in Michigan first. Daddy’s basement was flooded! Where would my litter box go? It’s not flooded now. I guess they had to wait until the kitty-bathroom was dry before I could live in Ohio.

Sometimes I forget about the truck-stop. It’s not that I don’t want to remember where I come from! It’s just that I don’t want to remember not having Mommy and Daddy. I don’t want to remember not having Steenkey treats either! I don’t want to remember being cold and I DON’T want to remember fleas!

So, I’ll just think about the last three years. I haven’t been hungry. I haven't been cold. I haven’t been lonely. I’ve been happy and loved! Life as a house cat is still VERY good!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

My Brother the Baseball Player?

See? He won't even face the camera!

Hi there loyal readers!

Can you believe my cousins turned 14 yesterday?? Boy are they OLD! They are teenagers again like I was last year. Now I’m a full mature adult. It’ll be neat next year. We'll all be adults and can do adult stuff when they visit. Happy birthday Emm and Tee!!

But now for some more serious stuff! Baggle has decided to play baseball. They have open camps for the Mud Hens in the spring and he wants to try out. Oh he didn’t say so, but I know. Personally, I think it’s because he heard about Muddy. Muddy is a GIANT bird! I think Baggle just want to hunt him down and eat him. Baggle eats everything. But he going about this being a baseball player the wrong way.

Baggle was having some trouble and he had a spot on his back that was losing hair. He went to the vet. They left me home alone, but I’m a full adult cat now, I wasn’t scared or anything. But when Baggle came home he smelled funny. He said he got a jection in him. Now I read on the internet. I know what jections in you are for! And that’s what he smelled like too. Bad juice! Daddy says juicers are bad, they are cheaters. The bad juice makes you hit things hard, like that home run guy or the one in New York. They are bad cheaters! And now Baggle is going to cheat too. And for what? So he can hit Muddy hard enough to eat him and probably get too full and get sick.

I don’t want my brother to get sick, or play baseball or have bad juice jected in him! It all makes stealing my treats seem so silly a thing to get upset about! We need to tell the doctor not to shoot Baggle with steroids anymore. Say No to juice! I gotta go help my brother change his mind!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME!

Resting up for my birthday with my brother
(I was to excited to fall asleep right away!)

Today is August 12, MY BIRTHDAY! I am three years old today! YAY ME!

"Yay me," is because I am three. That’s pretty much a record in the truck stop. I’d be a veteran feral cat! I guess it’s good thing that I quit being feral. I didn’t want to be a doctor anyway!

Mommy says birthdays are a good day to think about how lucky you are and be thankful for all of the love you have. I am pretty lucky. I have a Mommy and Daddy who love me and a brother who loves my treats.

Okay, Baggle is good for playing with and cuddling with, but what he really does well is steal my treats! Tonight I’ll get the big treat bowl with my birthday cake in it. That’s a tradition. The big bowl with the cat shape was Aunt Azzie’s bowl. She left it to us when she went to the Rainbow Bridge, but Mommy and Daddy say we should use it for special times, like birthdays. When it’s your birthday, you get the special bowl. I wonder what flavor of cake I’ll get? I hope it’s salmon or lobster.

So I’m thankful for Lobster Bisque and Steenkey treats. Steenkey treats are my favorite treats! They are a very good brand of treat, very delicious and they smell like pure Heaven! When Mommy or Daddy smell them, they lean their heads back and look at the sky, like they are saying “thank you.” They’re THAT good! Maybe we’ll get extra Steenkey treats tonight since it’s my birthday. I’ll have to talk to Baggle, we can at least try to get more!

So now I am three. I’ve had almost three years with Mommy and Daddy, yummy food and lots of it, treats, cool toys and NO FLEAS! Tonight, I get birthday cake and I hope extra Steenkey Treats! Life at three is good!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Science Cat and Stuff

The Science Cat
My experiment shows cats get pretty liquid
on this surface when it's heated up!

Hi everybody!

I know I haven’t blogged in a long time, well in about a month, which really is as much as I blogged when I was a kitten, so it’s not so bad, but I know a regular blog like grownups have is easier to do. hehe... I did not call grownups dumb! My Daddy is a busy guy with his TV show and that other job he says he has. I have no idea what he’s talking about. I thought TV WAS his other job! His full time job is ME! Well, okay, Baggle too, but cat-staff anyway. But I have seen Daddy type, so he could write if he wanted to. Mommy has a blog, so everyone knows she can write. I think it’s easier for me because I don’t have to worry about taking care of the cat, because I AM the cat!

So, summer has been pretty cool. Our favorite show is back on Cat-TV. Don’t tell my Daddy that Lawnmower Man isn’t my favorite. I love his show, really I do! I even like it when he comes on the other screen and does the knocking gag to promote Lawnmower Man. I just never get tired of the knock-gag he does. He comes right up to the screen and knocks on it like he could walk through it if he wanted to. It’s just funny! Sometimes he talks, sometimes not, but he always acts like there is a cat right there and I can’t help but cuddle the screen because, well because I see my Daddy on TV!

Well, about our favorite show, Baggle and I could watch Chipmunk all day! The actor who plays Chipmunk, the title character, is so good! We sit on the Cedar Chest right by the screen and they do close-ups. You can’t help but get into the show! It’s like he’s RIGHT THERE, like he’s sitting right next to you. It’s just so cool!

So that you don't think we do what Mommy worries about, rotting our kitty-brains in front of the TV all day, we don’t do that! I’m studying science! I’ve been doing experiments on Feline Viscosity on Solar Powered Synthetic Fibers! I’ve been reading blogs too! In one of Mommy’s blog pages about blogging, she put a link to a word blog. At dictionary dot com, I got to find out exactly what my science project was called! The Dictionary is a cool blog!

I also stopped back at my old Yahoo blog, which is where I visit my friends from the old neighborhood. My pal, Nylablue, another fine feline blogger, is on Multiply now! I sent an email to get the address to add to Mommy’s reader. I know she has her friend Dutch, who is at Multiply, on her reader. I’ll put Nyla’s address on my blog when I get it so everyone can read more cat-blogs!

Okay, Mommy says her break is over and she needs to use my computer. Parents, yeesh!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

It's Fun!

I love to play! Games are fun! I play stalking games with Baggle and I like to play stair chase with the furniture. I tag something in the basement, run upstairs, through the kitchen, over the dining room table, across the cedar chest in the living room, up the stairs and through the hall into Mommy and Daddy’s office, tag my housie and do the whole thing in reverse a few times. It’s good exercise!

But I like to play quiet sometimes too. I play flinch with Mommy and Daddy on the bed and I jump at hands before they get me. I also like to play blog games!

Okay, I’ve never played a blog game. But now I am. Mommy tagged me!

In this game I get to tell you seven random things about me. I didn’t think I could do it, because I don't think I have any random things. At least, my doctor never found any, not even the new Ohio doctor. Mommy told me random is saying just anything about me. It’s not something you see. Whew! I didn’t want to think I had randoms I didn’t know about!

So, I do get to play! I just tell you 7 anythings about me!

1. I don’t like dogs. I’ve only met one dog that I was introduced to, but I don’t like him. I hissed at him and he growled back. It’s a mutual thing.

2. It bugs me that my brother doesn’t respect cat ways! When I scratch by my treat dish to say I’m done but I’ll be back to finish the rest, he eats it anyway! Aunt Azzie taught me manners when I was a kitten! Fortunately Mommy respects cat ways and puts my treat away for later for me before Baggle gets it.

3. I still like to play with milk rings.

4. I like to be brushed.

5. Baggle and I are both adopted.

6. I like to crunch my treats and my kibble one piece at a time.

7. Even though I call my blog Behind Orange Eyes, Mommy says my eyes are yellow. It’s my fur that’s orange.

Now I want everyone that reads to play too! If you’re a cat and you don’t have a blog of your own, well, why not? If you don't want to start a blog, I understand. My Daddy doesn’t really ever blog either and he types way better than Mommy! So, if you don’t have a blog, leave your 7 things in the comments, or borrow one of your human staff member’s blogs! It’s fun!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sweet Leaf

Daddy called it “cat nip.” I call it "sweet leaf!"

We got a treat Friday, but it was a trick and it’s not even the scary holiday!

Mommy told Daddy she had a...a...what is that word she said, a puhductive week. She said she got a lot done, so I guess puhductive is tired. Why do humans use so many words that mean the same thing? If she was tired she could just say “I’m tired, I’ll stop working early.” Anyway, since Daddy was home Friday, because he went out Sunday he stayed home Friday, he asked Mommy if she waned to go chase trains after lunch. I think that’s like chasing mice for people. I think it’s a good idea for them to do that. It’s good exercise and it lets them find sweet leaf!

Daddy calls sweet leaf ”wild cat nip,” but it doesn’t nip at cats so it’s silly to call it cat nip! Sweet leaf grows near trains and Mommy and Daddy brought some home Friday night. Dumb old Baggle eats sweet leaf when he gets it. There is nothing to be gained from EATING sweet leaf! When Mommy brought it in, she laid it on the counter in the kitchen. Oh that smell! I couldn’t help myself! I jumped up on the counter to inspect!

Oh, just plunging my face into it and inhaling the wonderful smell! It makes me feel all cuddly and squirmy. I purr and rub the sweet leaf all over me. Ahhhhh! It makes me feel SO happy!

Now of course, I wouldn’t want to play with sweet leaf while I’m doing my cat-manager duties. It makes me not even care about mice or bugs! My house would be taken over in a week if we had sweet leaf all the time, but as soon as my responsibilities are done, GIVE ME MY LEAF!

There is a word of warning to all cats - don’t, I repeat, DON’T let your people be exposed to sweet leaf for too long. It makes them crazy! Not long after Mommy and Daddy came home with the sweet leaf, they collected a flashlight, our treats and Daddy’s laptop and went down into the basement! How weird is that? Daddy brought Baggle and me down too and Mommy gave us treats and sweet leaf while they watched the weather on the basement TV. Loopy parents or what? If they wanted to see the weather, they could just go outside. I wouldn’t do that, it was raining and windy, cats don’t like water, but they could look out the window upstairs and see the weather. The siren was even drowning out the sound of the thunder, so there weren’t even any boom noises.

When Baggle and I got tired of being in the basement, we went back upstairs and Mommy and Daddy yelled! Like the basement is a good place for family time! PLEASE! Then they came up caught us and put us in our carriers to go back downstairs! Talk about pushy parents. Sometimes I don't understand them! You know we could report them to the Society for the Protection of Children from Authority!

We protested being in the carriers in the basement. The TV said the lights were out. That’s why cat TV is better than people TV. The lights go out on Cat TV every night and it’s not something amazing to the humans and animals on TV. Humans on people TV act like its news when the lights go out! They said they had generators to keep the computers going. They need a laptop like Daddy! After a little while longer, Daddy said the radar looked like it was okay now. Again, look out the window for the weather! Then they opened the carriers and let us go upstairs.

The moral of the story for cats is not to let your people smell sweet leaf! What makes cats feel really good, make a human brain do weird things! But by all means, keep some sweet leaf for yourself!

Monday, June 2, 2008

My New Logo and Lawnmower Man on Cat-TV!

This is my first official Blogger-blog! Isn’t my new logo COOL? Those really are my eyes. Mommy does such neat things with that PhotoShop button on our computer. I call it “our” computer because she does such neat things with it, I feel like it’s nice to share it with her.

I hope my friends from Yahoo are visiting me here. I’d hate for them to not visit me anymore! Mommy says there is a way to 'scribe to my blog. She says people can sign up with a reader and always know when I write a new blog. I want everyone to do that! You should ‘specially do that if you work for cats in their house so hey can read! I sometimes have some really good ideas and stuff to show other cats. Besides, I think other cats can understand some of my troubles. Labor disputes - Mommy says she wants to work. I say she does work, who’s gonna give us treats during the day if she goes out somewhere all day?

Monday is the day that Daddy works the day shift. He usually goes out somewhere during the day and comes back to work at night, I think maybe he plays poker. He even plays poker on the computer during his breaks when he’s here at night! But on Mondays he works during the day with Mommy. Today was really cool, because of TV!

The "Lawnmower Man" series is back on Cat-TV!

Baggle and I were sitting in front of the cat-TV. I was at the door screen and he was watching the window screen on the Cedar chest. We have surround-TV, so we can see a different part of the show from anywhere in the house! Today we got to see one of our favorite shows! I only really like the bird-show better! Today was Lawnmower Man! Lawnmower Man is such a cool show because it stars MY DADDY!

It’s so cool to have a parent on TV! He pushes a noisy lawnmower across the grass and it chops it up! Sometimes, he looks right into the camera and smiles. It’s like he’s looking right at me! He’s just such a good TV star! Yeah, Mondays are the coolest when our whole staff is working and we get to be proud of our TV star Dad!

Make sure you leave me comments so I know you came to visit! Mommy says I’ll get a counter some time this week, but until I get one, I don’t know if you’re reading, so please say “hi!”

I like Blogger. I like my new logo!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

So, It's Gonna Be Google

Kitty of the sunny spot to kitty of the blog spot!

Hi everyone!

Remember I said I'd let everyone know where I was going to end up when Yahoo went... Well, when it went away. Mommy said that it wasn't nice to say "teats up." I don't know why. It just describes what you look like when you lay on your back, like in the sunny spot, but she says I shouldn't type "teats up." So I won't type "teats up" anymore, although "teats up" is what is happening. Yahoo is lazy and they aren't fixing anything - "teats up." But I didn't say "teats up." That was a quote.

Anyway, I'm going to blog at blogspot now, same as Mommy. Mommy put all my Yahoo blog on my new blogspot page already. But I haven't moved there yet. I need a logo, so Mommy's making me a logo! Cool or what? Kaline Cat Business Solutions, or Kaline Inc. Like a big company with a logo! Or maybe I’ll be the Kaline Cats track and climbing team! Yeah, a team logo!! But I’m not gonna wear a jersey! Mommy can put my logo on a blanket!

Mommy says I'll need a logo to join the Simply Davine Group, a web network. I know what a network is! I must be going on TV!! Simply Davine is Mommy’s web page that she hasn't done anything with in a while. What does that have to do with TV? It’s part of that web outline she was making. Whatever. I just wish she’d make a mistake on it so I can get a paper ball!

Anyway, when I get my logo, I’ll be on blogspot, alexiskaline.blogspot! I like that! I like to blog and well, spot makes me think of the sunny spot. I LOVE the sunny spot!!

I’ll let you know when I’m officially a blogspot cat. I can’t wait...I’m gonna get a LOGO!!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Same Old Stuff and New Stuff (5/9/08)

Hi everyone! It's the middle of the afternoon. I should be asleep! But, Mommy is taking break, so I have to take advantage when she’s not hogging the computer.

It’s been busy since Mommy and Daddy came back from Iowa. Mommy really did need that vacation. She seems more relaxed now. She’s been recording longer samples on her phone-thing. I still don’t see how that will help her get a job. She said there was someone on the other end...

Uh huh.

I think maybe Mommy needs more corn. I can see the whole phone-thing she’s talking to, She is the only one there.

But, I like Mommy’s voice. It makes me purr when she sings to me! She could get a job as one of the guys who talks in the radio, but she’s to big to fit in the radio. That’s too bad. If she had a job in radio, she’d have a job and I’d always know where she was. It’d be a win-win situation.

Mommy made a drawing, she calls it a web outline, whatever that is. She says it will make her web page a portal and my blog will be part of that group. I’m not sure what that all means, but Daddy wondered if I’d move my blog when Yahoo goes teats up. That confused me! I mean, when I am teats up, it means I feel safe and it makes me look really cute when I wiggle around! But I couldn’t possible get my blog done that way! I think that’s the point. Yahoo 360 is going to retire and just relax and be safe and cute.

Mommy says I’ll probably be moving my blog to Google when she gets the “Simply Davine Group” site done. I’m just going to trust Mommy. She knows Internet. I know blogs. I could know Internet if I wanted to, but I want to know blogs. Mommy can do Internet for me if I need it.

Okay, Mommy is back and I’m sleepy! I’ll let everyone know when I move!

NOW I Get It! (3/11/08)

Well, Mommy AND Daddy left us for almost a week! But Mommy wasn’t going for therapy at all! She was trying to tell me they were going somewhere, not that she was distracted! As it turns out, there is a state called IOWA! Daddy had to go with Mommy because she had never been there before, so he had to show her how to get there! It was a vacation. Daddy decided to make Mommy have a rest BEFORE she needed one! Daddy is so smart like that!

I was looking on a map and saw where Iowa is. Let me tell you, I‘m really glad Baggle and I stayed home! We don’t like the ride to the doctor’s office and Iowa is farther away than our vet! I don’t know a lot about Iowa, so maybe they still shoot cats in Iowa too. I’ve said before that I don’ like shots!

So, I guess they have a lot of stuff to make you relax in Iowa. Corn is a really big deal there, so corn must be good for stress. I’m glad Mommy got to have corn. Now she won’t get dentia after all! Mommy and Daddy found trains there too, so that was a bonus for them!

Our visiting help was nice. She gave us food and brought her job description so we knew she was our new contract staff. That was a nice touch, very professional. Baggle and I were impressed!

Now Mommy and Daddy are home and things are back to normal. Daddy left in the morning today and Mommy spent the day looking at computer job stuff and recording samples of her voice for companies. Most important of all, now I know that if she get stressed, I need to make sure she eats corn!

Rough Week! (3/4/08)

I am NOT letting my poor dented Mommy go anywhere!

How tough can it be for a little kitten, anyway? I found out that I was adopted. Mommy and Daddy aren’t my real parents. I guess it does explain a few things -- like how they are so not furry and don't use the sand box. Mommy and Daddy love me though and Baggle too, just like if we were their own offspring. That’s what really matters anyway, right? I think Baggle is adopted, too.

Mommy packed a suitcase today. I don’t know where she’s going. I don’t think she does ether! Every time she starts to tell me where she’s going, she remembers money problems. She says, “We’re going to...I owe a....”

I’m kinda worried about Mommy. She needs to get one of those job things she keeps talking to people and writing them letters about because she is way too worried about debt! I could let her go away for a few hours a day if it would make her stop worrying about what she owes so much!

And what’s this "we" thing anyway? She can’t take Daddy too! He doesn’t owe a...whatever Mommy owes. He's gone lots of hours a day working out of the house. If Mommy goes away because she owes a, it’ll leave Baggle and me short-staffed as it is! Daddy will have to stay home all day to take care of us. She may be worried about owing something, but that’s a lot to put on Daddy, taking care of us all by himself.

Oh, I know sometimes they go away together and we get a cat-sitter who comes to visit. They usually get us good cat-sitters, but it’s just not the same as a full time staff. We NEED a full time staff!

I think she’s getting dented! Dentia is something people get when they get old and Mommy is way over 40 now! I think Aunt Azzie had a little dentia and she was old too, not as old as Mommy though! Maybe if she pays whatever she owes the dents will go away too. I hope so!

Well, I need to go do a little cat-management stuff before bed, but I wanted to stop in and say “hello.” Also, if anyone knows how to get Mommy over her dentia so she can remember what she owes, I’d really love it if they’d help!

So Much For Super! (2/4/08)

Me with Daddy and Baggle watching the Super Bowl

Baggle and I watched Super Bowl with Mommy and Daddy yesterday. It was fun. I like football! I usually watch from on top of the TV with Puff and Don’t Panic so I can chase the players when they run across the screen, but yesterday Daddy looked so comfy to sit on!

It wasn’t a happy ending! We all cheered for the Patriots. There was no way I was going to cheer for an underdog! Besides, the Patriot wanted to be like cats. They were on the verge of perfect! But I guess it just wasn’t meant to be, even with cats watching and cheering for them!

January was a quick month! Mommy and Daddy put away my tree. Now I’ll have to wait until Christmas again to play in it! Phooey! I didn’t even get a lot of play time this year! Would you believe they even yelled at me after the party, where I did NOT get a chance to show off my climbing skills? That’s because of Baggle. He gets scared when there are people over, even people we know if there are a lot of them. He stayed upstairs under the bed and I had to go and comfort the woose. He is my brother, ya know!

I think Mommy and Daddy were a little disappointed that I didn’t come and show off for their friends and that’s why they kept yelling if I started to climb. After a while, I just thought “the heck with it.” I got to climb a little when they were taking it down, but I sure miss having my tree up. Now the corner is just Daddy’s silly old projector screen. He shows trains on it, but they don’t move like the football players do! His screen also doesn’t have anyplace to sit like the big TV does.

I went to my new Ohio doctor for the first time this week. He says I’m 9 1/2 pounds. That’s 2 pounds bigger than my Aunt Azzie was! The doctor says that I’m normal, not too fat, like Baggle. That’s what he gets for hogging all the treats! I don’t like going to the doctor! Mommy and Daddy put us in our carriers and took us out to the car. IT WAS COOOOOOLD!!!! How could they be so mean?? I had my afghan that Grammy made me, but it wasn’t enough to keep me warm like when I sleep near the heat vent at home. I admit, I cried like a kitten when I was out in the cold! Then, I got shot. They say it’s supposed to keep me from getting sick, but that shot always makes me feel sick and sleepy for a day or so after. I just sleep until I feel better. Mommy and Daddy pay a lot of attention to me and try to get me to feel better, but I just need time to get over getting shot!

Well, now Super Bowl is over and the next big holiday is Valentine’s Day. I like Valentines Day better than Super Bowl. Nobody loses the Valentine game! Mommy and Daddy have lobster bisque and usually that means Baggle and I get a lick, well I get a lick if I’m lucky. Baggle takes the whole bowl! But our doctor says nicer stuff about me!

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year! (12/19/07)

I just LOVE Christmas! All the toys and everything moving around and it’s all new and all fun to inspect.

I remember my first Christmas way back when I was a kitten. I had so much fun with tinsel to roll around in and paper balls on Christmas Eve and THE CAT-TOY TREE! WOW! That was the coolest climbing toy ever! I would have never gotten a Christmas toy like that at the truck stop!!!

Last year, I moved to Ohio at Thanksgiving time. I didn’t get to play with the cat-toy tree. When I was little, I wanted to try to get the angel on top. That was my goal. Last year I didn’t even get to try! I thought that maybe it was only a toy for kittens. Imagine my happiness this year! They put my toy back up!!!

Mommy and Daddy both said they didn’t think I’d climb it or that I couldn’t because I was a lot bigger now. When I first climbed it, I was 3 pounds. Now I am a grown up 8 1/2 pounds. Heck, I’m bigger and stronger now! I can get that angel tis year for sure!

Just to show Mommy and Daddy, when they got the tree up, before all the lights were on and when it didn’t have cat toys on it yet, I jumped a full half way up and started climbing. I stopped for a rest and they YELLED at me! They yelled a few times when I’d go back on it to warm up for the games. I guess they want me to wait until all the cat toys are on it. We’re having a party Saturday and I think they want me to wait so they can show off how well I climb to their friends. Maybe they don’t think I can, but I can do it again. Daddy yells and I think it scares my brother more than me...but it scares me too. I don’t like noises and when Daddy yells, he makes a lot of noise!

Well, it won’t be easy, but I’ll try to wait until they have all the cat toys on it to climb it again...I’ll TRY!

I love Christmas!!!

And Now A Word From My Brother.... (11/7/07)

Hi everyone! Baggle is very excited about an educational video he saw on the computer. So, since he's been nice to me today and he even said "please," I'm going to let him write in my blog today. Here's Baggle!

Hi. I'm kinda new at this blog thing, but if Kaline can do it, I sure can!

I want to show you this video I saw. It's a great "how to" video with lots of great ideas! There are things I've never even tried, and I thought in my almost 12 years, I'd done it all! This is just such a great video. Well, I'll let you see it yourself. It's just great.

Halloween, Happy?? (11/1/07)

Any other time of year, it's a nice cat-TV!

Well, I made it through my first Halloween in Toledo! Whew! I don’t know if Daddy, Baggle and I would have made it without Mommy’s heroics!

You see, on the two Halloweens I’ve had so far, I was living at Papa’s house. I never understood what Mommy was talking about when she said there wouldn’t be any kids because the houses were so far apart. We had kids at Papa’s house! Tori, Rina and Eddie all came over. JR and GR were over too. We had lots of kids and I didn’t think how big Papa’s yard was mattered!

But then last night, I found out what she meant! Halloween is a scary holiday! Kids you don’t even know dress up in scary costumes like vampires, wizards, giant lady bugs and cheerleaders! The first one came running towards our door to scare us, and boy did she! Baggle and I almost ran each other over running up the stairs trying to get away from her! But Mommy knew what to do!

Mommy sprang up from the couch and grabbed the loaded ammunition! She made kid-bombs out of plastic bags, ribbon and candy. She knew that if you give them candy, they’ll stop scaring your cats. But they kept coming! For TWO HOURS they swarmed on our house! I think Daddy was afraid of them too. He sat on the couch that could see the door and called for Mommy every time they came near, just like Mommy calls him when she sees a spider! Well, Daddy would get scared and tell Mommy more were coming and Mommy would throw more candy bombs in their bags and made them run away.

I was worried Mommy would run out of candy bombs and they’d get into the house, but the swarm ended just as the candy bowl was getting close to empty. Thanks to Mommy's know-how, Daddy, Baggle and I were safe! I think next year, maybe we should turn off the porch light. It didn’t work to scare away the scary kids in costumes!

The Red Socks Nation (10/21/07)

Well, today was certainly a confusing day! Mommy and Daddy were gone all day. They do that a lot when it's really sunny out. They left really early, talking about trains again, and got home just in time to see baseball on the big people TV. Daddy’s team is playing. He likes the Red Socks. What I don’t get about that is you can’t see anyone’s socks and they all have gray socks from the games I watch! The people TV is cool. It's big and I sit on top of it with my friends, Don't Panic Bear and Puff the Magic Dragon. I can lean over and see when they hit the ball. I try to catch it.

But tonight, when Mommy and Daddy got home, Daddy tried to turn on the big TV and it kept turning right off. Mommy knows TVs and she came to see what was wrong and asked Daddy to give us our Sunday treat. Daddy gave us Salmon and Crab dinner! That’s one of my favorites! I ate a bunch of mine and then Baggle ate the rest. He didn’t eat it because I said okay! He ate it because Daddy had to run downstairs to turn on the other TV to see baseball because Mommy was still trying to make the big one work. She called Daddy. She thinks there was water in the TV. How did that get there?

Well, she did get the TV to stay on but said the picture was really bad. It had messed up shapes and color lines or something. Like I said, Mommy knows TV, but I don’t. Daddy came back upstairs and they decided that it was good enough to watch. Then they said the picture was getting better. Mommy said it must be the little bit of water burning off and drying out. They were happy that the TV was going to be okay. I still can’t figure out how the water got in the TV!

Well, things got okay and Baggle laid down next to Daddy and I jumped onto the top of the TV to watch the baseball game with Puff and Don’t Panic. I watched a little TV, washed and then went back to the middle of the TV. I had to do some looking and I still haven’t found them! Mommy bought Daddy some baseball carnations Monday and she put them in a glass on the TV. I laid them down this afternoon so I could eat them during the game and now they’re gone! Someone moved my flowers!

Oh well...Go Red Socks anyway!

My First Yahoo Blog! (10/14/07)

Well, hello there everybody on Yahoo! And welcome to all of my friends who read my “growing up” photoblogs on my website, “Alexis Kaline - My World” I just switched to doing a Yahoo 360 blog so I can write stuff more often and because Mommy and Daddy can help me sign in. It was a lot more time to do my website and Mommy and Daddy are very busy, so I had to wait longer to write! It’s the thumb thing. I need thumbs for some of the stuff and I have to borrow theirs. I might even get lazy from time to time and get Daddy to type for me. I’d get Mommy to do it, but I type better than she does!

So, since I just wrote in my website photoblog, I don’t have a bunch of stuff to say. Definitely go there and check it out! I figure I can tell you all when things are interesting here or when Mommy and Daddy just don’t understand and I have to tell someone! I also think I may let my brother, Baggle, write every now and then if he’s nice to me!

I think this will be fun and I hope you’ll all think about joining me on my friends list! For now, this is Kaline signing off!