This blog is dedicated to the memory of Baggle, Chester and Aunt Azzie.
Great cats who we will meet again someday at the Rainbow Bridge

Sunday, November 13, 2011

New TV Show

Okay, maybe it’s not a huge success in the making, but I think it’s pretty exciting. There’s a new movie on Cat TV called Leaf Terminator which is a sequel to Rake Man. It’s exciting because it stars My Uncle Scott and My Daddy!

In the show, the leaves are the bad guys who are trying to hide the grass and the acorns from Chipmunk and Squirrely. Uncle Scott plays the Leaf Terminator, a hero from a distant land who brings a machine that will push the leaves in the street. Daddy plays his sidekick who uses 2 rakes to help Leaf Terminator get all of the leaves away.

I’m not saying anything bad about Daddy or Uncle Scott. They are great actors! But the script is why it’s a Sunday morning show and not a summer sunny day show. To make it work at all they had to get big names like Chipmunk and Squirrely in the show and Chipmunk and Squirrely don’t even make an appearance! They’re just the reason why getting the leaves away is important. And the story is so simple. Last year we tried the Pay-Per-View, Leaf Grinder. It starred an actor I don’t know who is a popular paid actor from another street. It was okay, but Mommy didn’t want to get the Pay-Per-View again because we weren’t that interested.

In the first movie, Rake Man, the leaves are raked into the street, but some of them stay and that’s enough to make more leaves. You knew there was going to be a sequel! You leave some, you get more. Well, duh! We leave dog treats for Santa Paws and he leaves us treats AND toys in our stockings. That’s where that idea came from.

The sequel has a little more action in it, but there was an intermission and an infomercial! It seems Uncle Scott was paid extra to come in from the TV and tell about how you can get a noisy blower just like the Leaf Terminator. I think that would, be scary. But it would scare Carla too. Hmmm… Does the infomercial sell earplugs?

The sad thing is, Daddy is IN the movie and he is thinking about it. Maybe he wants to be the star next time.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Hi everyone! I’m all better now, really. There is a silver lining to my sore eye. Mommy felt so bad about my eye hurting that she’s afraid to touch my eye dirt! Okay, maybe not afraid, but she actually listens to me when I don’t want her messing with it. I let her clean my eyes when I feel like it and I let her hold me and get really calm. I think she and Daddy feel bad about putting stuff in my eye. They said it was good for it, but how do they know it didn’t just get better and had nothing to do with the goop they put in it?

That’s another thing, silly Carla. When I couldn’t type because the computer light hurt my sore eye, she told everyone my eye had an affection. My eye had an INfection, they put stuff IN it. I still would have liked it better if I had a outfection, so they’d have to stay out of my eye.

Monday was the scariest night of the year again. Why is there an invasion every year? Mommy made more candy bombs than ever this year and they worked, like they always do. Mommy is my hero! The swarms were pretty heavy for a while. I stayed upstairs with Carla and listened to them coming to the door and heard them trying to trick Mommy into letting them in to pull our tails and those awful things they do when they run towards cats. Mommy threw the candy bombs at them. I think people kitten monsters have a candy addiction and when you throw the candy bomb at them the get so crazy about the candy they run off in another direction because they forget the wanted to get a cat.

Candy Zombies trying to come in the Cat TV screen is scary stuff! But I was really brave again this year. That picture is me checking on the extra ammunition. Mommy throws those if she runs out of candy bombs. She sits right in front of the TV screen so the candy zombies can't get in. I stayed behind her. Scary movies are okay once in a while, but the Candy Zombies are just too scary to want to be right by the screen like Carla and I usually like to be.

Thankfully, it’s over for another year and the swarm of candy zombies trying to come through the TV is gone. The scariest night of the year is over!

One last note today – We have officially dedicated our blog to Baggle, Chester and Aunt Azzie. Carla never met Chester or Aunt Azzie, but she would have liked them. Chester was such a sweet brother and Aunt Azzie was the coolest old cat a kitten could know. She taught me so much! Sharing our happy cat world with all of our readers is our tribute to those three great cats!