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Great cats who we will meet again someday at the Rainbow Bridge

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Holiday? Hmmmm...

Every few months, we're all black cats on Friday!

This morning, I woke Mommy up way before her alarm to pet me. You know what she did? That’s right, she pet me! I don’t even know if she really woke up. I just said pet me and she did. I think I have my final project aced for school! Getting done early has given me time to ponder something else that is pretty huge!

I like holidays, I really do. But the holidays I like are the ones we share with EVERYBODY. Thanksgiving and December. There’s something for everyone in December. Opening Day, which is totally an everyone holiday. Baggle says to ask Mommy because he is sure there is baseball in the Jungle Book, just like in Dances With Wolves. It got edited, but it was there! Memorial Day and Labor Day are good because we usually get to see our Grandma, unless the weather is bad and Mommy and Daddy stay home. I like the Fourth of July, but more in the daytime than at night. There are a lot of loud noises at night. There are personal holidays that you get, but they’re better to share too. That’s the important thing about holidays. SHARING.

Carla says she gets a holiday Friday. “It’s a black cat thing,” she says. What? She is gonna have a special holiday that she doesn’t share? That’s so street cat! I decided to do some internet research.

It seems that HUMANS are the ones that made black cats all that on Friday The 13th. Not all cats scare people, just the black ones. That’s just silly! Maybe that’s why they declaw cats, afraid of them. Well, why they’d declaw the black ones anyway. It’s all so dumb. If a human can tie us down and knock us out to declaw us, how scared can they be? Boy some humans are just out there. We are kind and benevolent rulers!

So here’s what I think humans should do on Friday. Wake up on time, have a good breakfast with some milk and share it with your cat. Go out for lunch and bring some salmon home for your cat. Then when you come home, watch a baseball game with your cats and give them extra treats. (Daddy, are you reading this?) And if a black cat crosses your path, give it a scritch behind the ears and send it home to its people. Unless it doesn’t have a home, then you should consider adoption. Feeding cats and giving them good homes to rule is the best way to keep the bad luck away.

So we'll all celebrate on Friday. It’s the day when, just like the people are all Irish in March, we’re all black cats on Friday the 13th.

Have a lucky day!