This blog is dedicated to the memory of Baggle, Chester and Aunt Azzie.
Great cats who we will meet again someday at the Rainbow Bridge

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What's This World Coming To?

Cats are getting squeezed out! I don’t think I like people government!

I don’t know too much about people government and I don’t really care about people politics. I really don’t. As long as they aren’t going to disband the SPCA, I don’t care. At least I used to not care. This year the people hired a new president and I’m worried.

My Aunt Azzie was really big on people politics. She used to watch them on the people-TV with her Mom. Aunt Azzie told me wonderful stories about President Clinton. He was one of the Dem Cats and the First Cat was named Socks. Then there was President Bush, she said everything he did was someplace else, nothing in America, so he wasn’t anyone important to an American cat.

The new president is President Barack, which just sounds a little bit too much like “bark” to me! And to make it worse, when he thanked everyone for hiring him, he said he was going to get his daughters a puppy. A puppy? A PUPPY? I KNEW it! His name IS too much like bark! They hired a dog-person!

To make matters worse, Mommy and Daddy were both very happy about it. They helped to hire a guy who likes DOGS!

Oh, it’s bad. Let me tell you!

Mommy and Daddy have that big people-TV, it’s not quite as big as our big screen cat-TV, but it’s big. It’s big enough that my friends Puff, Don’t Panic and Little Bear live on top of it. Well, it quit being a TV. Mommy and Daddy said it became a big blue radio.

They decided they didn’t want a big radio. Mommy needs to make a phone call to see if they can have someone make it a TV again. If they don’t make it a TV again, they’re going to get Papa to bring one of my Uncles to help take it away! Where will my friends live if they take away their home?

It’s not like President Bark will help a CAT’S friends!

And then last night, before Daddy got in, Mommy moved the metal box with the strings that is on the table next to the people-TV and put it on top of my blanket on the seat I watch TV on! It took up almost half the space!

Then, THEN, Daddy came home and instead of yelling at Mommy for doing that, he brought down another people-TV and used up the rest of my seat! He really did! Can you believe it??

To top it all off, this morning while I was TRYING to get a little space around that dumb old people-TV to peek at Cat-TV, Daddy finally did yell at Mommy. He told her not to open the screen on Cat-TV so much because the people-TV is in front of it.

I’m at a loss for words!

The people hire this dog-guy for their president and they start abusing cats. Their new president guy hasn’t even started working yet. He’s been hired, but he’s waiting over two months to start. It’s something about time to move to the city he has to work in, but the house isn’t finished yet. President Bark is moving into his house in Washington in January, after they paint it. I guess the PUPPY has to have a white house!

What’s this world coming to?

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Oh The Horror EVERY Year!

The best I can figure is Mommy and Daddy used to be in the army or something. They were undercover agents. They took out their old spy uniforms last night and went out on enemy soil! I watched them set up just outside the Cat TV screen with all of their ammunition! I guess they meant business when they decided that no giant ladybugs were coming out of the TV!

An old army picture I found of Mommy
and Daddy and one of their army pals

It’s a seasonal swarm as best as I can tell, Halloween is when they all dress up scary and swarm houses. Mommy and Daddy were sitting in front of the screen. I guess it got pretty bad because they didn’t even want me to watch!

When Daddy came home he said that the pumpkin face Mommy made would scare away evil spirits. So that’s what those scary guys that look like human kittens are! I swear they look like young people. But the pumpkin didn’t scare them away either. Daddy put a fire in it and everything and they still came, for TWO HOURS they came.

I scratched at the glass a couple of times, begging them to come out of the TV and just close the screen maybe move the big people TV in front of it. That seems like the only screen the spirits try to come in through. But they were so brave! They had to protect us.

It was bad this year. Mommy used up all her candy bombs and the swarm kept coming. They had to use the candy in the bowls, like little bombs or sprinkling firecrackers. When the swarm was all done, Mommy and Daddy came in, the ammunition was almost GONE! We couldn’t have taken another strike!

I’m glad the evil spirit swarm is only once a year.