This blog is dedicated to the memory of Baggle, Chester and Aunt Azzie.
Great cats who we will meet again someday at the Rainbow Bridge

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Afghans at The Rainbow Bridge

A lot of sad things have been going on lately. Mommy and Daddy were sad. Grammy went to Heaven. I bet she’s at the Rainbow Bridge making afghans for all the animals there. She was so good at that. In the picture today, I’m sitting on the one she made Aunt Azzie. That one is Baggle’s now. She made me a pretty one when I was a kitten too. Aunt Azzie always sat next to her when she made afghans and I did sometimes too. She called my Snicklefritz and told me not to chew on the string. Then she’d pet me. Grammy never got to meet Carla, but Mommy brought home some string that she said was Grammy’s string. Maybe Mommy can make an afghan for Carla.

My Grandma that I never met, Daddy’s Mommy, went to Heaven too. Daddy said she loved cats and that’s why Daddy loves cats so much. She taught him how to be smart!! If my Grandma loved cats, I know we would have gotten along great! I wonder if she’ll make afghans at the Rainbow Bridge with Grammy? Maybe Chester and Aunt Azzie will show them around Heaven.

Well, I get along better with Carla now. She’s clumsy and pushy, but she can be fun too. She plays a lot rougher than I do, but it’s fun to rabble rouse a little. I just get tired of it and want to sit with Mommy before she calms down. Mommy said I was a hyper kitween too; Carla is only a year and a half old, three years younger than me. Maybe she’ll grow up to be a calmer cat. But for now, I still have to hiss every now and then and even growl sometimes when she gets out of line. Kids!

Sometimes Baggle kitten-sits her during the day and they sleep on the bed together so I can get an uninterrupted nap, but sometimes, she’s quiet and we can sleep together. I really don’t mind when she cuddles Mommy during the day because I know she’ll stop when Daddy gets home to cuddle him. Carla is smart enough to know that Mommy is still mine first! Carla sleeps next to Daddy at night and I sleep on Mommy, so we don’t get in each other’s way. It’s okay. Baggle comes in in the morning and we all sleep withy them until they wake up. Then Daddy gets our breakfast. I'm happy to say, we're all adjusitng well!