This blog is dedicated to the memory of Baggle, Chester and Aunt Azzie.
Great cats who we will meet again someday at the Rainbow Bridge

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year!

Christmas morning after we all opened presents
I got Iowa Party Mix treats!

Welcome to 2010! Mommy says it’s my first new decade and Carla’s too, but not for Baggle. Baggle was born when it was a 19! Can you imagine being so old?

It was a nice Christmas. Mommy and Daddy got a new Christmas playscape for me, but it’s the wrong size! What a disappointment after the one I had as a kitten shrunk! I tried to climb it once, because I still want to get that angel, but nothin’ doin’! I have to settle for the fact that I knocked the angel off the top of it when I climbed up a little. That’s all I was going to do once I got to the top anyway, knock the angel off, so I think I won the game! Daddy put the angel back up, but after you win the game, what’s the point of playing more? I just spent some nice time sitting under it in the glow of the arcade lights.

Things are getting kinda okay with Carla. They have to! On Christmas, when we all opened our stockings, there was 4 bags of treats for us! The Steenkey treats had “everyone share” written on them, then on the other bags, one said “Baggle to share” and one said “Kaline to share” and the last one said, “Carla to share!” That settles it. If Santa Paws is bringing Carla presents and bringing them here, she is first off, not bad, second, he figures she lives here and third, if I’m not nice to her when she’s nice to me, I’ll end up on the naughty list and get no treats from Santa! I’m NOT letting her cost me treats!

She’s getting better. She still plays mean. I mean she plays chase, but doesn’t respect the neutral zone! Once I beat her to the desk downstairs, she’s supposed to just accept that I’m faster and she lost. But she stays there like she’ll chase me again when I get out from under the desk. Chase is a fun game, but I don’t want to play all the time. That’s why I don’t play with her a lot or try to cuddle with her. She’s crazy and she plays rough.

I know sometimes she goes on the table when Mommy is studying and Mommy will pet her. I’m okay with that. She’s not Mommy’s kitty sunshine and Mommy only sings to me. I only get bothered if I’m with Mommy already and she tries to butt in.

We’re all doing okay though. Mommy and Daddy are doing a good job as staff for all of us. It takes more food and litter box duties from them, plus we need their thumbs for treats more, but they are doing well! I can’t help but love them even more for taking that crazy rough cat off the streets. What great felinitarians.

Now Baggle and I just have to teach her how to be a better housecat and calm down. I think I need Baggle to sit on her. I gotta go talk to my brother now.