This blog is dedicated to the memory of Baggle, Chester and Aunt Azzie.
Great cats who we will meet again someday at the Rainbow Bridge

Thursday, June 12, 2008

It's Fun!

I love to play! Games are fun! I play stalking games with Baggle and I like to play stair chase with the furniture. I tag something in the basement, run upstairs, through the kitchen, over the dining room table, across the cedar chest in the living room, up the stairs and through the hall into Mommy and Daddy’s office, tag my housie and do the whole thing in reverse a few times. It’s good exercise!

But I like to play quiet sometimes too. I play flinch with Mommy and Daddy on the bed and I jump at hands before they get me. I also like to play blog games!

Okay, I’ve never played a blog game. But now I am. Mommy tagged me!

In this game I get to tell you seven random things about me. I didn’t think I could do it, because I don't think I have any random things. At least, my doctor never found any, not even the new Ohio doctor. Mommy told me random is saying just anything about me. It’s not something you see. Whew! I didn’t want to think I had randoms I didn’t know about!

So, I do get to play! I just tell you 7 anythings about me!

1. I don’t like dogs. I’ve only met one dog that I was introduced to, but I don’t like him. I hissed at him and he growled back. It’s a mutual thing.

2. It bugs me that my brother doesn’t respect cat ways! When I scratch by my treat dish to say I’m done but I’ll be back to finish the rest, he eats it anyway! Aunt Azzie taught me manners when I was a kitten! Fortunately Mommy respects cat ways and puts my treat away for later for me before Baggle gets it.

3. I still like to play with milk rings.

4. I like to be brushed.

5. Baggle and I are both adopted.

6. I like to crunch my treats and my kibble one piece at a time.

7. Even though I call my blog Behind Orange Eyes, Mommy says my eyes are yellow. It’s my fur that’s orange.

Now I want everyone that reads to play too! If you’re a cat and you don’t have a blog of your own, well, why not? If you don't want to start a blog, I understand. My Daddy doesn’t really ever blog either and he types way better than Mommy! So, if you don’t have a blog, leave your 7 things in the comments, or borrow one of your human staff member’s blogs! It’s fun!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sweet Leaf

Daddy called it “cat nip.” I call it "sweet leaf!"

We got a treat Friday, but it was a trick and it’s not even the scary holiday!

Mommy told Daddy she had a...a...what is that word she said, a puhductive week. She said she got a lot done, so I guess puhductive is tired. Why do humans use so many words that mean the same thing? If she was tired she could just say “I’m tired, I’ll stop working early.” Anyway, since Daddy was home Friday, because he went out Sunday he stayed home Friday, he asked Mommy if she waned to go chase trains after lunch. I think that’s like chasing mice for people. I think it’s a good idea for them to do that. It’s good exercise and it lets them find sweet leaf!

Daddy calls sweet leaf ”wild cat nip,” but it doesn’t nip at cats so it’s silly to call it cat nip! Sweet leaf grows near trains and Mommy and Daddy brought some home Friday night. Dumb old Baggle eats sweet leaf when he gets it. There is nothing to be gained from EATING sweet leaf! When Mommy brought it in, she laid it on the counter in the kitchen. Oh that smell! I couldn’t help myself! I jumped up on the counter to inspect!

Oh, just plunging my face into it and inhaling the wonderful smell! It makes me feel all cuddly and squirmy. I purr and rub the sweet leaf all over me. Ahhhhh! It makes me feel SO happy!

Now of course, I wouldn’t want to play with sweet leaf while I’m doing my cat-manager duties. It makes me not even care about mice or bugs! My house would be taken over in a week if we had sweet leaf all the time, but as soon as my responsibilities are done, GIVE ME MY LEAF!

There is a word of warning to all cats - don’t, I repeat, DON’T let your people be exposed to sweet leaf for too long. It makes them crazy! Not long after Mommy and Daddy came home with the sweet leaf, they collected a flashlight, our treats and Daddy’s laptop and went down into the basement! How weird is that? Daddy brought Baggle and me down too and Mommy gave us treats and sweet leaf while they watched the weather on the basement TV. Loopy parents or what? If they wanted to see the weather, they could just go outside. I wouldn’t do that, it was raining and windy, cats don’t like water, but they could look out the window upstairs and see the weather. The siren was even drowning out the sound of the thunder, so there weren’t even any boom noises.

When Baggle and I got tired of being in the basement, we went back upstairs and Mommy and Daddy yelled! Like the basement is a good place for family time! PLEASE! Then they came up caught us and put us in our carriers to go back downstairs! Talk about pushy parents. Sometimes I don't understand them! You know we could report them to the Society for the Protection of Children from Authority!

We protested being in the carriers in the basement. The TV said the lights were out. That’s why cat TV is better than people TV. The lights go out on Cat TV every night and it’s not something amazing to the humans and animals on TV. Humans on people TV act like its news when the lights go out! They said they had generators to keep the computers going. They need a laptop like Daddy! After a little while longer, Daddy said the radar looked like it was okay now. Again, look out the window for the weather! Then they opened the carriers and let us go upstairs.

The moral of the story for cats is not to let your people smell sweet leaf! What makes cats feel really good, make a human brain do weird things! But by all means, keep some sweet leaf for yourself!

Monday, June 2, 2008

My New Logo and Lawnmower Man on Cat-TV!

This is my first official Blogger-blog! Isn’t my new logo COOL? Those really are my eyes. Mommy does such neat things with that PhotoShop button on our computer. I call it “our” computer because she does such neat things with it, I feel like it’s nice to share it with her.

I hope my friends from Yahoo are visiting me here. I’d hate for them to not visit me anymore! Mommy says there is a way to 'scribe to my blog. She says people can sign up with a reader and always know when I write a new blog. I want everyone to do that! You should ‘specially do that if you work for cats in their house so hey can read! I sometimes have some really good ideas and stuff to show other cats. Besides, I think other cats can understand some of my troubles. Labor disputes - Mommy says she wants to work. I say she does work, who’s gonna give us treats during the day if she goes out somewhere all day?

Monday is the day that Daddy works the day shift. He usually goes out somewhere during the day and comes back to work at night, I think maybe he plays poker. He even plays poker on the computer during his breaks when he’s here at night! But on Mondays he works during the day with Mommy. Today was really cool, because of TV!

The "Lawnmower Man" series is back on Cat-TV!

Baggle and I were sitting in front of the cat-TV. I was at the door screen and he was watching the window screen on the Cedar chest. We have surround-TV, so we can see a different part of the show from anywhere in the house! Today we got to see one of our favorite shows! I only really like the bird-show better! Today was Lawnmower Man! Lawnmower Man is such a cool show because it stars MY DADDY!

It’s so cool to have a parent on TV! He pushes a noisy lawnmower across the grass and it chops it up! Sometimes, he looks right into the camera and smiles. It’s like he’s looking right at me! He’s just such a good TV star! Yeah, Mondays are the coolest when our whole staff is working and we get to be proud of our TV star Dad!

Make sure you leave me comments so I know you came to visit! Mommy says I’ll get a counter some time this week, but until I get one, I don’t know if you’re reading, so please say “hi!”

I like Blogger. I like my new logo!