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Great cats who we will meet again someday at the Rainbow Bridge

Friday, February 27, 2009

The Frenzied Feline

Hi everybody!

I just wanted to make a short post to direct you to one of my favorite sites for reading, The Frenzied Feline.

Mommy says when the human economy is bad, a lot of people have to move from the houses they are in to an apartment. Would you believe some people apartments say you can't have a have four-legged partner with you. What? I mean "no pets" apartments? What a bad idea!

The Frenzied Feline has an article today about how to avoid those nasty places and find a good apartment where you can live with your cat, or even your dog. Noble four-legged domestic partners should not have to have their staff in another place. We need the live-in help!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Wait Is Half Over!

I got a call from my Daddy today telling me to look at a website. Well, I wasn’t taking calls at the time, so my assistant took a message. It seems that the breed of Domestic Mammal Companion President has been selected. The First People-Kittens, Sasha and Malia, will be our President’s executive staff.

I’m kinda starting to get this whole politics thing. It is kinda exciting. Now we’ll wait for the new First Dog to come home so the whole country will get to meet him. It’s all pretty cool.

The First Dog will be a Portuguese Water Dog. We won’t even talk about the water thing, but I thought I heard Mommy say the President had to be born in America, not Portugal. I’ll have to do some Internet research.

Open a new can of Steenkey Treats, this could take a while.

That works for people, especially on people-tv! But no one brought me a can of Steenkey Treats! Humph.

I am dying for the new season of Cat-TV! The White Show has FINALLY ended, same as it usually does, the climax and only real action, where a dog and his human walk right past the white that’s melting away like kitty ice-cream and doesn’t even notice, then a couple ladies walk by talking and don’t see the white and then the white is gone.

Then there were some commercials for the new season on Cat-TV! I saw a promo for Squirrel. That looks pretty cool. Mommy says that they should get a bird feeder so we can watch Big Ohio World of Birds. That would be SO COOL! I’ve heard about that show on the Internet. I’d love it if we got that on our TV! Then Mommy said she’s gonna make a show called Kaline and Baggle Go To The Vet. Ha-ha, very funny Mommy. The ratings will be pretty lousy if she makes that!

But before the new season starts, we got the season that’s even worse than the White Show marathon. RERUNS! NOOOO! Why do they rerun dumb old documentaries anyway? I want to see that Squirrel and, oh, Big Ohio World of Birds would be so cool! I need to start a writing campaign. See? All the politics stuff is really getting to me!

Okay, well, when we do the final vote on the First Dog, I’ll let you know!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Happy SUNday!

Stopping by to say "hello!"

Happy Sunday friends! And I mean Sunday too! There is just enough sunshine coming in the windows in our office to make Me and Mommy smile, but not enough to make Daddy smile. Daddy says it’s not enough dependable sun to go see trains, so he’s playing on his fold-up computer downstairs grumbling. He says to the computer something about trips and flush and pears. I think it means that the trip to see trains got flushed down the water box so he wants fruit. Sometimes, I just don’t understand Daddy! Fruit is icky!

Mommy understands better. She’s great staff...well, they are both great staff. I love them a lot. But Mommy listens! I came in and rubbed her leg because I wanted a cuddle. Now I’m a big girl now, I don’t need cuddles like I did when I was sleepy when I was a kitten, but every now and then I like a good cuddle. So, I rub Mommy’s leg and she tells me she always has time to scritch me for a couple minutes. I’m not kidding! She really said that to me. Cool, huh? Well, I sat on her chest and got scritches, but I didn’t stay long enough for her to sing the Sunshine Song to me. I love it when she sings that to me, but I wanted to blog today! So I got on the desk and moved the mouse so she knew to take a break!

Cat TV is getting better. The White Show is slow, like most documentaries are, but there are points when things start to happen, and those are cool! Right now is one of those times. It’s a sad part of the show when the white starts to fade and colors show up. That’s sad because the show is about white. Myself, I like all the different shades of gray! It keeps things interesting! During the show last time I was watching, a dog and his guy walked right past all the white like he didn’t even see it! It wasn’t the First Dog though. They’re still counting ballots in that election. Elections for the leaders of the fur and feather domestic world are a little more complicated than human elections. But don’t worry, we’ll elect a First Dog soon!

Well, I just wanted to check in and say ”hi.” I’m feeling a little hungry. Think I’ll go down and see if Baggle left any kibble in the bowls!