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Great cats who we will meet again someday at the Rainbow Bridge

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Science Cat and Stuff

The Science Cat
My experiment shows cats get pretty liquid
on this surface when it's heated up!

Hi everybody!

I know I haven’t blogged in a long time, well in about a month, which really is as much as I blogged when I was a kitten, so it’s not so bad, but I know a regular blog like grownups have is easier to do. hehe... I did not call grownups dumb! My Daddy is a busy guy with his TV show and that other job he says he has. I have no idea what he’s talking about. I thought TV WAS his other job! His full time job is ME! Well, okay, Baggle too, but cat-staff anyway. But I have seen Daddy type, so he could write if he wanted to. Mommy has a blog, so everyone knows she can write. I think it’s easier for me because I don’t have to worry about taking care of the cat, because I AM the cat!

So, summer has been pretty cool. Our favorite show is back on Cat-TV. Don’t tell my Daddy that Lawnmower Man isn’t my favorite. I love his show, really I do! I even like it when he comes on the other screen and does the knocking gag to promote Lawnmower Man. I just never get tired of the knock-gag he does. He comes right up to the screen and knocks on it like he could walk through it if he wanted to. It’s just funny! Sometimes he talks, sometimes not, but he always acts like there is a cat right there and I can’t help but cuddle the screen because, well because I see my Daddy on TV!

Well, about our favorite show, Baggle and I could watch Chipmunk all day! The actor who plays Chipmunk, the title character, is so good! We sit on the Cedar Chest right by the screen and they do close-ups. You can’t help but get into the show! It’s like he’s RIGHT THERE, like he’s sitting right next to you. It’s just so cool!

So that you don't think we do what Mommy worries about, rotting our kitty-brains in front of the TV all day, we don’t do that! I’m studying science! I’ve been doing experiments on Feline Viscosity on Solar Powered Synthetic Fibers! I’ve been reading blogs too! In one of Mommy’s blog pages about blogging, she put a link to a word blog. At dictionary dot com, I got to find out exactly what my science project was called! The Dictionary is a cool blog!

I also stopped back at my old Yahoo blog, which is where I visit my friends from the old neighborhood. My pal, Nylablue, another fine feline blogger, is on Multiply now! I sent an email to get the address to add to Mommy’s reader. I know she has her friend Dutch, who is at Multiply, on her reader. I’ll put Nyla’s address on my blog when I get it so everyone can read more cat-blogs!

Okay, Mommy says her break is over and she needs to use my computer. Parents, yeesh!