This blog is dedicated to the memory of Baggle, Chester and Aunt Azzie.
Great cats who we will meet again someday at the Rainbow Bridge

Monday, February 6, 2012

I Love Football

Behind Dark Eyes

This was a holiday today, Super Bowl Day! For the holiday, Daddy and Mommy pulled the short couch around in front of the TV and sat together to watch. I love it when they sit together because then I get to walk all over the couch and the pillows and them. Super Bowl Day is especially great because they don’t move!

I like people sports shows that have great cats and human people talking that aren’t afraid to admit that the tom is better at the game than the people. We were all cheering for the Patriots because they have a tom named Brady who plays for them. Everyone kept talking about how great Brady is. So, I got in between Daddy and Mommy on the couch and it was nice and warm. Then they both scritched my ears and my chin and all over my back and I just rolled over on my back and even let them rub my tummy. It was so nice! They just kept watching TV and petting me and wow, it never had to stop! Cuddling on the couch between Daddy and Mommy isn’t Kaline’s thing. She doesn’t know what she’s missing.

When the game was over Daddy complained that the wrong team won. But I figure that all the petting I got means it didn’t matter because I was the biggest winner this Super Bowl Day!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

When Someone Breaks Your Stuff

It was 2 weeks ago and it still bugs me. It always happens by someone you know. Carla steals my treats. I know Carla. That’s why she does it. Because it’s always someone you know. So Mommy has a friend that comes over every couple months. It’s always on Thursday. Daddy knows about it. He’s opened the door for him before! He is totally okay with what he does in MY house.

So, their friend, Mr. Orkin, I know his name because he wears it on his shirt, comes in with a can and walks all over the house, including our bathroom downstairs. What an invasion of privacy. What if I had to use the box? I’d have to send Carla to see if it’s okay first.

Well, last time he was here, he came upstairs and told mommy something about “just a few spiders in the basement and no mice.” He said it like he was happy about it! I know when he sees spiders he puts the spray on them and they fall. Kinda mean because they’re fun to chase and a tasty snack too, but Mommy is allergic to them. It’s a people word that starts with an A and means she’s afraid of them. She makes the same face when she tastes Daddy’s diet pop because there’s an A-something in it and she’s allergic to that. I think Mommy is allergic to the letter A.

Anyway, mice don’t have As, so why is it good not to have them? I think Mr. Orkin is why I can never find a mouse in the basement! He must have broken the place the mice live. I found a mouse in the basement before I moved here, when Aunt Azzie and I visited to meet Chester and Baggle. I keep going back and haven’t found one more mouse. Now I find out that Mr. Orkin does something with them when he visits. What a lousy house guest! No one ever asked us if it was okay to make the mice go away! WHO are the cats here anyway??

Mommy and Daddy are in some trouble and it’s going to take a LOT of catnip to fix this one. Oh, and Mr. Orkin is NOT welcome in this house ever again. Is that clear, Mommy?

I’m going back to curl up with Carla for a nap. We got the blankets on the bed fluffed just right! Maybe now that I got this off my fur, maybe I can get some rest.