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Great cats who we will meet again someday at the Rainbow Bridge

Friday, May 14, 2010

Finally, A New Blog!

The BEST show on CAT TV is back!
Wow, it’s been too long since I’ve put paws to keyboard, huh? It’s, of course, all Mommy’s fault. When she gets obsessed with school stuff, the cats suffer. I try to be understanding, but jeez, really she is SLOW! I take my Obedience School classes online too, so what time I could manage to get on the computer I had to go to school, not blog.

I did really good for the winter semester, of course. Baggle was so excited because I took religious studies. That was his favorite class. I didn’t get the same message he did from that class. Cats were once worshiped as gods by people but they aren’t anymore. It’s the last part that he doesn’t believe. I got that cats are the next best thing to God. That’s why people need us. They share their thumbs and we put a good word in for them. It’s funny how there are so many ways to be religious but they all end up meaning the same thing. If I’m good to other animals and people, God will be happy. That’s not always easy. I figured out I even had to be nice to Carla! But that’s okay. When we gave being nice to each other a try, we found out we like it.

Speaking of Carla, Baggle and I have been talking about her writing for Behind Orange Eyes. He thinks it would be a good idea. I don’t. I learned to write in human as a little kitten writing on my kitten website. Carla still uses a translator program and those things are not quite right a lot of times. They can make pretty funny sentences sometimes. She sent me an email, in human, to prove she could write in human. There were a couple of sentences that were so funny because the translator didn’t now the cat-slang, so they came out half in human and half in cat. Hilarious! Baggle says he’s going to help her learn human so she can blog. We’ll see how that goes.

In the really important stuff, they almost cancelled my favorite CAT TV show, Chipmunk! Baggle and I were all excited about sharing our favorite with our new sister, but it was late getting back on. Mommy was very upset. She was looking for ways to protest, she was going to call the network and demand they cancel Lawn Spray Guy if they weren’t gonna have Chipmunk anymore. Lawn Spray Guy is a scary show. Lawn Spray Guy is a master of disguise who always looks like a new stranger and he gets really close to the screen. It’s too scary for me and I don’t watch it. But then Chipmunk came back so Mommy wasn’t so mad anymore. Daddy said Lawn Spray Guy was better than Dandy Lion. I guess Dandy Lion is an older show that Lawn Spray Guy replaced, but I don’t ever remember a TV show with Lions.

Baggle will probably want to write some later since Mommy isn’t hogging the computer for school. So, I’ll finish here. Chipmunk comes on soon!