This blog is dedicated to the memory of Baggle, Chester and Aunt Azzie.
Great cats who we will meet again someday at the Rainbow Bridge

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Blanket Thief

MY Tigers blanket with me, where it should be!

Mommy is a sneak and a thief! Two weeks in a row Mommy has left before Daddy got home and she’s taken my Tigers blanket both times! She says she’s going to see AAA Tigers and needs the Tigers blanket to keep warm because she’ll be outside.


It’s too cold for tigers to be outside! She took my Tigers blanket to the zoo? I’m so confused! Then she comes home after it gets dark with Daddy. I bet he goes to the zoo and gets her because she’s still sitting in front of the tiger place waiting for them to come out. I’m glad the tigers are smart enough to stay in! Silly Mommy!

But when they come home and I get my stolen blanket back, it doesn’t smell like a zoo. It smells like hot-dogs. The hot dogs are people food and they are not really made out of dogs. I don’t think people eat dogs. It’s not politically correct!

Baggle says the blanket smells like a mud hen. Mommy has cooked a hot dog before and it smells like that, but I don’t know what mud hens smells like. I wonder how Baggle knows!

Anyway, I don’t like it when she takes my blanket and makes it smell like hot-dogs, ew! If she’s gonna steal my blanket, she should at least make it smell good, like salmon or something. Now I’m hungry. I think I need to get Mommy to apologize for stealing my blanket with a treat.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Staff Troubles and New TV Shows

How could they leave darling kitties like us without staff?

I’m kinda mad. Mommy and Daddy went somewhere and I figured out how to turn the computer on so I can blog, but I don’t know how to upload pictures! I’m the cat! I have staff to do that. I delegate. But my staff isn’t in the office. Something about Easter weekend and Saturday dinner. Anyway, I’m going to have Mommy add the picture when she gets home. I need to talk to Baggle. We just can’t have staff take the day off at the same time. Hmph.

Cat TV has been really good this year. The new spring season started and there is a new show that is so cool! We see Squirrely every day in the big front screen on Cat TV. Squirrel, the star of Squirrely is just one of the best actors ever. He is a super hero who scaled trees like he is a giant bug, only he’s faster than a bug. He saves nuts in distress and carries them up the big oak tree to put them back where they came from. I just love action shows.

We also have the Weekday Morning Fights. Animal sports are cool and quicker than people sports. They don’t require a ball either. The current champion is Northside Robin. He has beaten Southside Robin lots of times. Southside Robin is a tough guy though. He keeps coming back to challenge again. Sometimes they have a comedy show between matches. It’s kinda like the people clowns at the rodeo,only its bird clowns. This team of clowns called the Sparrows fly in and mess with Northside Robin. He’s a cool champion. He plays along like the Sparrows are a that and the Sparrows fly off. It makes me laugh so hard I almost fall off the tale I sit on!

Oh an great news! Remember how I told you about Mommy and Daddy getting married? Well, now they said they got some money for getting married and they're going to get us the paid channel for Wild Birds of Ohio!! I guess they're going to stay home for dinner and spend the money for this wedding on us instead of getting married again. I guess that means I should forgive them for wanting to go out for Easter dinner.

Say, I have a question. Why was it getting married when they dressed up before, but it’s Easter now?

Baggle says that a rabbit will come and leave us treats tonight. I wanna see this! I also want to stay up to see him because I know Baggle and he probably wants to eat that bunny. I know the Easter Bunny is supposed to leave chocolate for Mommy. I want to make sure he leaves Mommy’s chocolate before Baggle eats him. That way Mommy will be happy and give us more Steenkey Treats!

To everyone who ordered bunny chocolate, Happy Easter!!