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Great cats who we will meet again someday at the Rainbow Bridge

Monday, March 2, 2009

Stuff From The Newspaper

What next? A license to have cat TV on a big screen?

Daddy brought me home a newspaper yesterday. The newspaper is where people who don't have computers at home go to write. They print the articles they like and give them to people to read. They have a website too, but the newspaper is cool to read if both of your parents are hogging the computers.

There is a section of the paper where people who don’t go to the Newspaper to write can have their articles printed in the paper too. I think the newspaper plays favorites with the people who go there to write because you see a lot of the same names!

Well, one article in the section for people who don’t go there to write really caught my attention. You can see it here: Letters To The Editor. It’s the second article called, “Cats Never Sought Human Contact.” It’s written by an expert on the subject.

What troubles me is what the article is about. Licensing for cats! The city wants me to have a license to keep Mommy and Daddy in my home! I don’t think cats should have to have licenses. That’s just silly! What's next? Will I have to get a license for hunting mice in my own house?

I asked Baggle what he thought about it. He told me, “Cats were once worshiped as gods. I'm still keeping the faith.”

I’m not as religious as my brother. I believe that humans are equal to cats, they’re differently equal, but equal. I read a political book about equality. If you don’t respect that all species are equal, the pigs take over!

Anyway, I’m just kinda upset about having to get a license for Mommy and Daddy. They are staff, not servants. I don’t own them. They work for me. Yeesh!

If the mayor comes to my door and makes me get a license to have Mommy and Daddy, I’ll just have to write a letter to the First Dog!