This blog is dedicated to the memory of Baggle, Chester and Aunt Azzie.
Great cats who we will meet again someday at the Rainbow Bridge

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Break

Hi everyone! Yeah, I know I’ve been neglecting my blog, but it’s been a tough semester at feline obedience school. This semester I learned math science. Math Science is all about being able to know if you have enough room before you jump. I do that pretty good, but the formulas are tough. I bet when Carla gets to obedience school, that will be a tough class for her! She’s so clumsy, but maybe it will teach her grace.

Mommy has a sore arm and Daddy has a cold. It’s hard for things to get done with a decapitated staff. Wait. I don’t think that’s the right word. I take human language ethics next semester. The e-textbook is called “When To Care.” I think the word is INcapitated. When you can’t do stuff so your head isn’t in the game. Something like that. Anyway the cat-toy tree isn’t up yet, but they’re planning on finishing today.

So, my next semester of school is my last! Since I have a summer birthday I’ll graduate just before I turn 6. Obedience school is 2 years, but Baggle says that even after school, they don’t necessarily always obey. But he does have Daddy trained pretty well!

Well, I'll let my brother and sister write what they want later, but for now, I’m hungry. I need to practice on Daddy to get him to feed us!

Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope Santa and Santa Paws are good to you!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Busy Summer!

Me and my birthday cake

I just celebrated my 5th birthday on August 12! Mommy served chicken birthday cake to all three of us and she and Daddy sang to me. That’s always very cool! Carla will be two this week and she’ll get to have her birthday cake in the family bowl of honor. I bet she'll like that! The bowl of honor was Aunt Azzie’s bowl. We kept it for birthdays to remember her.

We’ve had a lot going on around here this summer. Things have been okay, cut there have been some really bad things too.

In July, a bunch of worker men took over our bathroom! Mommy and Daddy had to bring our litter boxes upstairs for a few days and a bunch of noisy men invaded our house in the basement! They made so much noise my ears were throbbing! We all stayed upstairs while they were making all that noise in the bathroom. Mommy and Daddy said it was for waterproofing. What a great idea! It’s gotten wet in the basement before and I don’t like it when my paws get wet one bit! I’m so glad we have such a great staff!

Then a bug-guy was in the house. I don’t think I like him! It’s good that he kills the spiders that scare Mommy so much. Not that we can’t do that! In fact, spiders are pretty tasty. But Mommy gets all grossed out when she sees us eat them. Steenkey treats still taste better, so it’s okay for the bug-guy to kill the spiders. But what he does that is so NOT cool is that he makes it so mice can’t get in! Baggle and I like to play with mice and we’ve been telling Carla about the mice we’ve found in our basement. Well, okay, I’ve found one mouse down there since 2006, but there’s always a chance to find more. I look for them all the time. Now, the bug-guy came and used some stuff to chase them away. Like they weren’t having a hard enough time getting in before.

Baggle and I have decided that we wanted to share Behind Orange Eyes with Carla too. Her parts will be called Behind Dark Eyes. Her eyes aren’t dark they’re yellow, like mine, but she’s dark like I am orange, so that works okay! She has put a lot of work in on studying how to type in human and she’s not too bad.

The other big noisy thing that’s been going on is the Reds! Boy they are doing good this year and that makes Mommy happy, really happy! I like it when Mommy is happy and if baseball makes her as happy as she has been, I always want the Reds to win!

I’ll let Carla tell you about the Reds!

Behind Dark Eyes

Cat Treats For Everyone!

I think you all know that we are a huge baseball family. How could we be anything else? Kaline and Me are both named after famous baseball players! Baggle wasn’t named after a baseball player, but Kaline says he’s shaped like an old-school umpire. I don’t know what that means, but Kaline says I should Google “fat umpires.”

Anyway, we love red baseball things a lot. We like blue things and orange things too, but we really love red things. The Reds, in Cincinnati and the Red Sox in Boston. Carl Yastrzemski used to play in Boston. That’s where Daddy got my name. He liked Carl Yastrzemski when he was little.

This year the Reds are doing really good! When the Reds win, Mommy yells, “Reds win! Cat treats for everyone!” and gives us all treats. Then when the Cardinals lose, she does it again! “Cardinals lose, cat treats for everyone!” and more treats! Baseball is SO cool!



Friday, May 14, 2010

Finally, A New Blog!

The BEST show on CAT TV is back!
Wow, it’s been too long since I’ve put paws to keyboard, huh? It’s, of course, all Mommy’s fault. When she gets obsessed with school stuff, the cats suffer. I try to be understanding, but jeez, really she is SLOW! I take my Obedience School classes online too, so what time I could manage to get on the computer I had to go to school, not blog.

I did really good for the winter semester, of course. Baggle was so excited because I took religious studies. That was his favorite class. I didn’t get the same message he did from that class. Cats were once worshiped as gods by people but they aren’t anymore. It’s the last part that he doesn’t believe. I got that cats are the next best thing to God. That’s why people need us. They share their thumbs and we put a good word in for them. It’s funny how there are so many ways to be religious but they all end up meaning the same thing. If I’m good to other animals and people, God will be happy. That’s not always easy. I figured out I even had to be nice to Carla! But that’s okay. When we gave being nice to each other a try, we found out we like it.

Speaking of Carla, Baggle and I have been talking about her writing for Behind Orange Eyes. He thinks it would be a good idea. I don’t. I learned to write in human as a little kitten writing on my kitten website. Carla still uses a translator program and those things are not quite right a lot of times. They can make pretty funny sentences sometimes. She sent me an email, in human, to prove she could write in human. There were a couple of sentences that were so funny because the translator didn’t now the cat-slang, so they came out half in human and half in cat. Hilarious! Baggle says he’s going to help her learn human so she can blog. We’ll see how that goes.

In the really important stuff, they almost cancelled my favorite CAT TV show, Chipmunk! Baggle and I were all excited about sharing our favorite with our new sister, but it was late getting back on. Mommy was very upset. She was looking for ways to protest, she was going to call the network and demand they cancel Lawn Spray Guy if they weren’t gonna have Chipmunk anymore. Lawn Spray Guy is a scary show. Lawn Spray Guy is a master of disguise who always looks like a new stranger and he gets really close to the screen. It’s too scary for me and I don’t watch it. But then Chipmunk came back so Mommy wasn’t so mad anymore. Daddy said Lawn Spray Guy was better than Dandy Lion. I guess Dandy Lion is an older show that Lawn Spray Guy replaced, but I don’t ever remember a TV show with Lions.

Baggle will probably want to write some later since Mommy isn’t hogging the computer for school. So, I’ll finish here. Chipmunk comes on soon!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Afghans at The Rainbow Bridge

A lot of sad things have been going on lately. Mommy and Daddy were sad. Grammy went to Heaven. I bet she’s at the Rainbow Bridge making afghans for all the animals there. She was so good at that. In the picture today, I’m sitting on the one she made Aunt Azzie. That one is Baggle’s now. She made me a pretty one when I was a kitten too. Aunt Azzie always sat next to her when she made afghans and I did sometimes too. She called my Snicklefritz and told me not to chew on the string. Then she’d pet me. Grammy never got to meet Carla, but Mommy brought home some string that she said was Grammy’s string. Maybe Mommy can make an afghan for Carla.

My Grandma that I never met, Daddy’s Mommy, went to Heaven too. Daddy said she loved cats and that’s why Daddy loves cats so much. She taught him how to be smart!! If my Grandma loved cats, I know we would have gotten along great! I wonder if she’ll make afghans at the Rainbow Bridge with Grammy? Maybe Chester and Aunt Azzie will show them around Heaven.

Well, I get along better with Carla now. She’s clumsy and pushy, but she can be fun too. She plays a lot rougher than I do, but it’s fun to rabble rouse a little. I just get tired of it and want to sit with Mommy before she calms down. Mommy said I was a hyper kitween too; Carla is only a year and a half old, three years younger than me. Maybe she’ll grow up to be a calmer cat. But for now, I still have to hiss every now and then and even growl sometimes when she gets out of line. Kids!

Sometimes Baggle kitten-sits her during the day and they sleep on the bed together so I can get an uninterrupted nap, but sometimes, she’s quiet and we can sleep together. I really don’t mind when she cuddles Mommy during the day because I know she’ll stop when Daddy gets home to cuddle him. Carla is smart enough to know that Mommy is still mine first! Carla sleeps next to Daddy at night and I sleep on Mommy, so we don’t get in each other’s way. It’s okay. Baggle comes in in the morning and we all sleep withy them until they wake up. Then Daddy gets our breakfast. I'm happy to say, we're all adjusitng well!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year!

Christmas morning after we all opened presents
I got Iowa Party Mix treats!

Welcome to 2010! Mommy says it’s my first new decade and Carla’s too, but not for Baggle. Baggle was born when it was a 19! Can you imagine being so old?

It was a nice Christmas. Mommy and Daddy got a new Christmas playscape for me, but it’s the wrong size! What a disappointment after the one I had as a kitten shrunk! I tried to climb it once, because I still want to get that angel, but nothin’ doin’! I have to settle for the fact that I knocked the angel off the top of it when I climbed up a little. That’s all I was going to do once I got to the top anyway, knock the angel off, so I think I won the game! Daddy put the angel back up, but after you win the game, what’s the point of playing more? I just spent some nice time sitting under it in the glow of the arcade lights.

Things are getting kinda okay with Carla. They have to! On Christmas, when we all opened our stockings, there was 4 bags of treats for us! The Steenkey treats had “everyone share” written on them, then on the other bags, one said “Baggle to share” and one said “Kaline to share” and the last one said, “Carla to share!” That settles it. If Santa Paws is bringing Carla presents and bringing them here, she is first off, not bad, second, he figures she lives here and third, if I’m not nice to her when she’s nice to me, I’ll end up on the naughty list and get no treats from Santa! I’m NOT letting her cost me treats!

She’s getting better. She still plays mean. I mean she plays chase, but doesn’t respect the neutral zone! Once I beat her to the desk downstairs, she’s supposed to just accept that I’m faster and she lost. But she stays there like she’ll chase me again when I get out from under the desk. Chase is a fun game, but I don’t want to play all the time. That’s why I don’t play with her a lot or try to cuddle with her. She’s crazy and she plays rough.

I know sometimes she goes on the table when Mommy is studying and Mommy will pet her. I’m okay with that. She’s not Mommy’s kitty sunshine and Mommy only sings to me. I only get bothered if I’m with Mommy already and she tries to butt in.

We’re all doing okay though. Mommy and Daddy are doing a good job as staff for all of us. It takes more food and litter box duties from them, plus we need their thumbs for treats more, but they are doing well! I can’t help but love them even more for taking that crazy rough cat off the streets. What great felinitarians.

Now Baggle and I just have to teach her how to be a better housecat and calm down. I think I need Baggle to sit on her. I gotta go talk to my brother now.