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Great cats who we will meet again someday at the Rainbow Bridge

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sad News and Dog TV??

.Did you ever get the feeling you were being watched by a dog?

I have some really sad news today. One of the feline stars of cat TV went to the Rainbow Bridge yesterday.

Scaredy Cat was a great actor. Some cats thought he was typecasted because he was a black cat, but I think it was just that he was a really great stunt-cat. He prowled around yards on Cat-TV, stalking the bugs and checking things out, but if there was the slightest noise, he broke into a comic sprint, scrambling to hide from whatever it was that made the noise. Mommy and Daddy sometimes used the interactive screens to make a door noise and that would set him into his act. Yesterday a stunt went terribly wrong.

It was a normal stunt he’d done so many times before. He hears a noise and makes a sprint across the street and gets barked at by Neighbor Dog. But yesterday he was off his game and a miscue brought a car coming down the road seconds too soon. It was Scaredy Cat’s last stunt.

When Mommy came home after dark, “Mr. Dad” from the House Across The Street Show met her by her car. I think he was in shock. Scaredy Cat did his stunts so good, how could it have happened? He had heard that Baggle was a mostly black cat and thought maybe he was doing a screen test or something. Mommy got scared. She was gone most of the day. Did Baggle run off to be on Cat TV when she was leaving??

I don’t think I’ve ever seen her so happy to see Baggle when she came in as she was last night. I was a little jealous, but we both got treats, so it was okay. Sadly, though, it really was Scaredy Cat that died in the show. Mommy just kept saying “That’s why you’re HOUSE cats. That’s why you don’t go outside near the busy streets.” I think she was in shock too. I mean, if a skilled actor like Scaredy Cat can get into a terrible accident, well, Baggle and I aren’t trained in stunt sprinting at all.

Scaredy Cat was a shy cat and didn't say a lot about his family, so Mr Dad has been trying to find his next of kin to make sure they know. Please say a prayer for Scaredy Cat and his humans.

I did find out one weird thing, though. Dog, from the House Across The Street Show, is a fan of Baggle and me! Can you imagine? He sees us watching Cat-TV and likes to watch. It creeps me out a little. We don’t do anything but relax and watch TV, but Mr. Dad says he watches us all the time! I think I’d probably get bored with the action on Dog-TV, but I won’t insult my fans. I guess if you have talent, you really can make it on reality TV, and we watch Cat-TV REALLY WELL!

Well, I can’t disappoint my fans. Falling Leaves is on and they are counting on me watching it!


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Finally Back to Normal!

I know. It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. There has been so much going on!

My Grammy, who makes the cat afghans, got really sick. She was in the people hospital for a long time and Mommy stayed with her a lot. I think her voice got the most sick because Mommy doesn’t talk to her on the phone on Mondays now. She leaves for a long time to go see her on Monday instead. It’s nice to go see Grammy when she can’t talk, but Mommy doesn’t give us attention when she goes away. Grammy got sick in August, just before the world’s cat treat supply dried up. That was awful! But Mommy and Daddy came through for us!

In August this year, there was a honey moon. I’m not really sure what a honey moon is, but I know that blue moon is when it is full moon twice in a month. They call the second one blue because it gets werewolves depressed because they have to be dogs again before the month is even over. Maybe the honey moon is when bees get depressed.

Anyway, Mommy and Daddy were talking about the honey moon and Mommy said they’d bring us back treats. I didn’t realize how serious the honey moon was! It took them TWO WEEKS to find us treats! Our Grandma who visits us when Mommy and Daddy pack suitcases visited us while they were gone, but this was different. This time they were on a mission to find cat treats!

There was one bag of Steenkey treats on the dining room table. I thought to myself, since Mommy and Daddy had to go far away to find treats that weren’t killed by the honey moon, that bag of treats may be the last one ever! After they’d been gone for a while, Baggle and I had to take matters into our own paws. If those treats stayed in the bag and dried out, we’d have killed the last cat treats there were. We had to get the treats out before the honey moon killed them! So, we dragged the bag on the ground and chewed our way into it. If we were never going to get treats again these ones weren’t going to get wasted!

Then Mommy and Daddy finally came home with a bag of treats they found in Iowa. Imagine. The honey moon destroyed so many treats they had to go to Iowa to find some! But do we have great staff or what? They braved travelling during the honey moon to make sure we have treats! Even if they could only find one bag, we love them for their loyalty!

But there’s good news! Mommy was washing people dishes the day after they got back and she said “The honey moon is over!” YAY! I heard Daddy agree that the honey moon was over when he was cleaning our litter boxes. Our parents are awesome staff! They really went the extra miles going away to find treats during the honey moon and now that the honey moon is over, MORE TREATS!

Now things are back to normal. I’m catching up on the work I got behind on in my online cat obedience school classes. It’s hard to concentrate on school when your system is getting used to not having treats. We had to ration the bag under the table. It was hard times for cats, but our great staff pulled us through!