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Great cats who we will meet again someday at the Rainbow Bridge

Friday, December 30, 2011


Photo credit: M. Lividini

Behind Dark Eyes

Well it’s the end of the year and Mommy suggested we make a plan for the New Year. Daddy called it “resolutions.” I don’t know what resolution is. Kaline doesn’t even know what resolution is and she graduated obedience school!

Kaline thought it sounded like doing puzzles again. Mommy does that! She solves then again when she knows the answer so she can do it faster and get better scores. But the human dictionary doesn’t have solution and resolution in it together. Resolution is on a different page.

I found it. I know why we don’t know what resolution is. Why would a cat need to know that? Cats don’t need to fix anything!

But maybe we need to make resolutions so Daddy knows what needs to be changed! Kaline told me that maybe I was ready for school in the fall after all because that was pretty smart to know that!

Daddy had some suggestions. He thinks I should not go into the train room with him every time he goes in because I knock things over when I climb. I think that’s a good resolution, so my first resolution is that Daddy should stack things better in the train room so I don’t knock them over when I climb.

Kaline says the best resolution was already done when they moved the loveseat so there was a fresh side for her to scratch on.

Santa Paws brought us a bunch of treats, so we should resolve to eat them all before they get stale. That’s a good resolution.

Oh, and paper balls! I resolve to get more paper balls and remember where I put them so Mommy can find them when she cleans so I don’t run out of room.

I never knew Aunt Azzie, but Kaline tells me stories about her. Papa gave her moist food every night! I think we should resolve to do that! Kaline told me we should wait until I graduate from obedience school because it’s gonna take 2 obedience school graduates to get both Mommy and Daddy to obey together.

We got canned food on Christmas! It was very yummy! After dinner we played chase around the cat-toy tree and played with the catnip mice Santa Paws brought in our stockings.

Um, Kaline tells me I should make a resolution not to get distracted. That’s why I lose my paper balls.

I don’t know why I need to make a resolution to not get distracted I’m I see my catnip mouse. I’m gonna go play!