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Sunday, July 1, 2012

What’s REALLY Going On

Sometimes I worry that Carla actually thinks the things she blogs in her sleep are real. After that picture she blogged about happened, I swatted at her and she left. Nobody messes with my sunny spot. Mommy made a scrapbook page about it. She makes good scrapbooks. Of course that’s because she has great things to scrap about. Sometimes she does pictures of Daddy and our cousins too, but that’s to make it so people look forward to more cat pages.

Here is what Mommy saw:

Okay, so there’s the truth. But I don’t hold it against Carla. She sleep-blogs if she gets a chance and sometimes Mommy leaves my computer on.

Where we’ve been is another story, not the one Carla tried to tell at all. Mommy has been doing organizing. That's moving things from one stack to another and then she makes Daddy put the stacks in different places. I think she just does it to entertain us and that’s okay. If she does stuff on the computer she doesn’t want to pet me and even tells me not to stand on the keyboard! I’m just trying to help. She makes so many typos!

Then she took a break to go see our cousins graduate from people school and she took my computer with her! Carla and I couldn’t blog when she took my computer! I think she needs to get a computer of her own. Now her excuse for not letting me blog is that she had “writer’s block.” What does that have to do with ME writing??

The picture on top is me in my bedroom. Mommy and Daddy sleep there too on the daybed, where Carla and I sleep in the afternoon. I like to spend a little time on Mommy’s hip at night before I go to my quilt with all my bears. Then I go sleep on the daybed with Carla by their feet. Tickling their feet is how we let them know it’s daytime and time for us to get the daybed after breakfast. Sometimes I let Carla sleep in my bed with my bears too but usually during the day when I have the daybed. Once in a while, when she has a bad dream, I’ll let her curl up with me and the bears.

A few nights ago she had a dream that all the world’s salmon was gone! I shivered when she told me about it! I think she’s just getting nervous about starting school in the fall. That’s where the bad dreams come from. Obedience school starts when you’re four and she won’t be four until a week after school starts. I guess being almost a kitten compared to your classmates might make you nervous. I think she’ll do fine. She’s been doing okay making Daddy open the window for us, but he doesn’t always do it. The days where she seems to do the worst with Daddy are they days when it’s really sunny and really warm; the BEST days for open windows. Maybe Obedience school will make her better at telling him.

Queen Carla

Behind Dark Eyes

Hello loyal blog readers! I know we haven’t blogged in a while. Did you see the picture? Kaline’s been recovering from when I beat her up. I chewed all over her because she was hogging the sunny spot. Yep, that’s what you get when you mess with m….

Be Right Back