This blog is dedicated to the memory of Baggle, Chester and Aunt Azzie.
Great cats who we will meet again someday at the Rainbow Bridge

Friday, August 10, 2012

The Cats Days of Summer

Summer is nice for cats! Let me tell you why. There’s sun in the summer and it shines in all the windows and makes everything warm where it’s good to relax. Poor Mommy doesn’t fit on the cat stand or the window sill and whenever she rests on the floor she tries to get up off the floor right away so she never gets to be comfortable. She just needs to learn to relax!

Okay more great things about summer. Holidays! We got a Friday the 13th last month. The best months are the ones with a Friday the 13th! I had great time celebrating with Carla and a bag of Black Catnip!

Now this month is the biggest and best day there is! MY BIRTHDAY! I’ll be seven years old on August 12. I’m a stripey Leo, so I’m half tiger and half lion. Hear that, Carla? You really don’t want to mess with me! We really don’t fight a lot. We share pretty good. Mommy says “for cats” whatever that means.

Carla and I will be sharing birthday cake on my birthday. I get crab for my birthday cake a lot because Mommy and Daddy know that’s my favorite. Next is Carla’s birthday in September. I read that makes her a Virgo. I know what Virgo means and Carla is not a Virgo! But she can pretend to be a Virgo for her birthday. I still think Leo is the best birthday to be. I wouldn’t want to be Pisces. That’s fish. I would have ate my own tail when I was a kitten!

Carla’s birthday will be right after school starts. You’re supposed to be four when you start obedience school, but since Carla will be four just a few days after school starts she’s starting when she’s three. She’s excited and I’m excited too. You just learn so much in obedience school! Daddy and Mommy listen so much better now that I graduated. I can’t wait until we’re both obedience school graduates! It’ll be all cat treats, all the time!