This blog is dedicated to the memory of Baggle, Chester and Aunt Azzie.
Great cats who we will meet again someday at the Rainbow Bridge

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Behind Dark Eyes

Cat TV is getting ready for the new season of all the great shows! I excited because that means we’ll all watch TV together again. Kaline and Baggle don’t watch The White Show. They like the comedies better, I guess. Don’t get me wrong! I like the crazy antics of Wild Birds of Ohio as much as any cat and who doesn’t like Chipmunk? But The White Show is a good show too! I like the drama and suspense as all of the things get covered in white, cars with humans in them creep along and skid and you know it’s cold and wet on TV! It makes me happy I’m warm and dry. There is also a sneaky artist on The White Show called Rabbit. Rabbit comes on and paints paws all over the white. It’s neat when you watch and see his works but even cooler when you look real close to the screen when it’s dark and can see him painting. I guess Kaline and Baggle aren’t in to art as much as me.

Kaline says proud is a human word that means, “you did something, so I get something.” I’m proud of Kaline and how good she’s doing in Obedience School because she’s getting us extra treats all the time! I can’t wait until I’m 4 and get to take Obedience School classes! I haven’t decided if I’m going to let Kaline and Baggle be proud or if I’m going to keep all the treats for me. I’ll probably let them be proud. Kaline says if you do well, there is ALWAYS more treats.

Kaline told me that she was up early with Mommy and heard Cardinals! It would be so cool if I could catch a Cardinal! When Cardinals lose, it’s cat treats for everyone, but if CARLA wins, it’s cat treats for ME! I’m gonna keep watch. If I see that Cardinal, I’m gonna catch him and trade him in for my bounty!