This blog is dedicated to the memory of Baggle, Chester and Aunt Azzie.
Great cats who we will meet again someday at the Rainbow Bridge

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Kaline's Affection

Behind Dark Eyes

Hi everyone, It’s me, Carla! I know we haven’t written in our blog in a long time, but there’s been lots to get used to here.

First off, I hope everyone reads our Mommy’s blog. It’s over in the column of blogs we like because it’s our Mommy’s blog and there are pictures of us in it sometimes, so it’s a good blog. Anyway, Mommy’s blog told all about our sad news in June. Baggle went to the Rainbow Bridge. He hadn’t been good. He didn’t complain a lot, that wasn’t Baggle’s style. He only complained when someone didn’t give him food and as the cat and people food taster, that was someone getting in the way of his job. But as it turned out, he was very sick. So we’ve been working on dividing up Baggle’s jobs and thinking about what we’d do for is memory.

Now Kaline is sick. She’s not sick like Baggle was, oh no! I don’t think I could put paws to keyboard if she was really sick. She has eye affection and Mommy and Daddy have to put stuff in her eye. She doesn’t like it. I don’t blame her. It doesn’t look like fun. I’m so glad I hid deep enough under the bed so Daddy couldn’t make me go to the doctor. I like my eye affection. It’s just that Kaline’s got so affectionate, it turned her eye pink

I guess I should tell you about eye affection since it’s a cat thing and there are a lot of readers who aren’t cats. I hope I got it right. I don’t start school until next year, so I still have to look stuff up, I don’t just know, yet.

Everyone knows what eyes are. The picture on top of our blog is Kaline’s eyes. Everyone keeps saying it’s her right eye, but I watched them put stuff in the eye on the left. But that’s the eye that’s rosey colored too, so I think Mommy and Daddy are doing it right. Since I know what eye is, I looked up affection. It seems Kaline just likes everything she sees right now. Kaline is a happy cat, but not THAT happy. When your eyes get rose-colored, everything looks really great, even bad stuff. So, I guess I understand why you don’t want to look at the world that way. I just hope they don’t fix Kaline’s eye too much. I don’t want her to stop liking ME! She didn’t like me living in her house when we first met and I like it a lot better now that we can curl up together.

There are going to be some changes at Behind Orange Eyes. Kaline says it will be in tribute to great cats who we’ll meet again one day at The Rainbow Bridge. The Rainbow Bridge sounds like a fun place and all, but my toys are HERE. I think I’ll just stay here instead. Kaline says I’ll learn more about the Rainbow Bridge in school. She just graduated, so I’ll take her word for it. I’m going to let Kaline tell about the blog changes when her eye is better.