This blog is dedicated to the memory of Baggle, Chester and Aunt Azzie.
Great cats who we will meet again someday at the Rainbow Bridge

Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Warm New Friend!

My new pal, R2D2!

I’ve been having some problems, until today. You see Mommy has a friend that sits with her when she types during the day. His name is R2D2. I don’t like him!

Well, anyway, I used to not like him! You see he is loud, I mean really loud to my sensitive kitty ears. I don’t like noise and he makes a lot of it. He hums and goes grr a little. Maybe it’s like purring really loud, like a tiger or something. Anyway, he’d be quiet, just sitting there with his lights glowing, like the computer, then without warning, he’d start growling! It scared me when he did that all of the sudden and I’d leave the room, quickly. I was NOT running away! Sissies like Baggle do that, but not me!

So, today, Mommy was working on scrapbook stuff on the computer and there was music on. I like music when its not too loud and Mommy usually listens to music at a nice volume. I found out today that I don’t like Ludacris. That’s who Mommy said was playing when I wasn’t purring while she was petting me. When the music changed, I started purring. She says that was Hawaiian pop music, a song called “Puanani.” That means pretty flower, so now I can type in THREE languages, Cat, Human and Hawaiian!

While the pretty flower was playing, R2D2 started his really loud purring. I guess he likes Hawaiian music too. His nasty purr didn’t hurt my ears so much because the music was nicer, so I didn’t leave.

While I was sitting on Mommy’s ... (Mommy says I shouldn’t say “boobs,” so I’ll just say I was sitting on Mommy.) While I was sitting on Mommy, I found out why R2D2 purrs so loud! He purrs like that when he’s making HEAT! How cool is that? He makes heat when he purrs and blows it on Mommy’s feet!

So, I spent a lot of this afternoon curled up by Mommy’s feet or trying to find a good place for a kitty afghan near R2D2.

A warm friend is a good friend for a cat to have!