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Monday, February 11, 2013

They’re Off Their Rockers!

Mommy and Daddy that is.

Oh, hi, I ought to tell you why we’ve been off line. It seems we lost our internet privileges for skipping school and they, well, forget to give them back! This is so silly. We both got punished because of Carla’s big paws on the keyboard. I already graduated, top of my class, mind you, and even I got punished for skipping! I think if I was top in my class, even if they didn’t understand cat ways, my grades should be enough to get me not punished

I think they have been preoccupied with their new project. I think they might be overworked as our staff. I try to be a benevolent ruler of the house and Carla tries not to abuse the staff too, but maybe they just try so hard to please us that it messed them up. Carla and I think they’re building a cat!

Here’s the situation: Every time they brush us they tell us there’s “enough fur to make another cat.” Really, that’s a quote, they say that. When they leave the room with our fur I never think about what they do with it. I mean it’s shed fur, we don’t need it. I figured they threw it out, maybe kept some like some humans do with rock star’s hair. I never thought they were serious about making another cat!

So yesterday they brought in supplies and put a door on a room that never had a door. They even closed the door and locked us in our room a couple times. What’s up with that? And the smell. It smells like a cat, but it’s wrong. There is a lot of Carla and me smell, of course, we live here, but it smells like another cat too. They’ve already constructed their Frankencat made out of our fur!

This morning I know I heard a meow from that room, I know I did. Then Daddy closed us in our room again. Maybe I’m getting too close to figuring out what they’re doing!

We’ll keep you posted.

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