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Sunday, April 28, 2013

We Are Free!

Back by the tall screen TV - Where WE belong!

Okay actually we were free a couple weeks ago, but we had to make sure and we had to reclaim our house. It was zactly 2 weeks ago. Mommy and Daddy were sad. But they tried to be nice and we tried…well sorta. Morgan the Frankencat was just not to be niced with!  So Morgan went away.

Carla did some research on Daddy’s computer one night. You see they put Morgan in her room so we didn’t have to be afraid of her at night, which was good because we never got to see Mommy during the day because she would chase us upstairs if we tried. She was just a mean cat! Oh and we do know she is a cat now too. That’s what Carla’s research was. Frankencats are called calico cats, like the stuff they use in quilts because they look like a quilt. I like real quilts. They’re warm and don’t growl or scratch.

We’d been telling them for a long time to take her back and they finally listened. I was kinda shocked at how sad they were. Mommy said she was sweet to the when we weren’t there. But she also said it was our home first and if someone had to go, it would be Morgan. Well, duh! Like that was ever a question!

So that’s the situation now. Morgan went back to Paws and Whiskers 2 weeks ago and our house has been a calmer and happier place.

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